About us

The Eagle has Landed

Eagle Balls was established to provide golfers great quality golf balls at affordable prices. As golfers who regularly see our golf balls disappear out of bounds, in to water hazards and lost in the rough we appreciate good value golf balls. Giving our customers the ability to play with top of the range golf balls at affordable lake ball prices. 

We are a family runs business of golfers with an aim to become the premium supplier of lake balls in the UK. We put the time and effort in to supplier selection to make sure that the balls we provide our customers are off the highest lake ball quality.

Golf Balls, from a Lake?

Like all things in life, golf balls deserve a second chance and that is where lake balls come in. 

To the uninitiated golfer the term lake ball will be met with blank faces. Simply put lake balls recycle used golf balls providing the same brand golf ball at an affordable price. 

At Eagle Balls we split our lake balls in to two categories, Pearl Grade and A Grade lake balls. These are the two highest grade lake balls on the market and give our golfers the choice of a golf ball as close to brand new as possible as well as a golf ball that made it at least half ay round the course the first time. 

The selection of golf lake balls we provide allows you to select the vey best golf balls in the market at a fraction of the original price.