Grading Guide


At Eagle Balls we take pride in the quality of lake balls we supply. That's why we have taken the decision to stock only A Grade and Pearl quality lake balls. Giving you the comfort that you will be satisfied with each purchase. 

We feel its important to give our customers choice when it comes to what golf balls you play with. All packs offer superb value and gives our customers great quality golf balls and affordable prices, taking away the stress when we have that bad round! If you prefer a ball in a new condition our Pearl packs cater for that need. Likewise, if you lose a few and do not mind a scuff or two our A grade are an ideal selection.


The best quality lake ball you can buy. Pearl grade balls have the appearance of a new golf ball with no marks, will be shiny in appearance and be as close to a new ball as you can buy second hand. Please note some balls may have a logo or ink spot. Ideal for the serious golfer.

A Grade

These packs will contain golf balls that may have a scuff mark or aren't quite as shiny as the Pearl balls. Imagine a new ball after having used it to play 9-12 holes - this is what you can expect from an A Grade ball. Please note some of these balls will also have a logo or an ink spot.